The ‘third rail’ of politics — building more housing in single-family neighbourhoods?

By Jennifer Pagliaro | Star Reporter | July 13, 2020 | Council is about to wade into one of the most contentious planning debates that has been percolating during an ongoing housing crisis — whether to allow more density in stable, low-rise neighbourhoods. City planning staff are recommending a work plan spanning 18 months or … Read more

Gripe over ‘too-tall building’ highlights city’s need to spread density into the yellowbelt, planners say

By Gilbert Ngabo | Star Reporter | Nov. 9, 2018 | An outgoing councillor seemingly trying to draw attention to a “too-tall building” instead brought focus on the city’s low density- zoned areas with critics and city planners saying the real travesty is not a 75-storey highrise in the distance but the lack of higher-density … Read more