Making 2021 Toronto’s year of the missing middle

BY BRAD BRADFORD | JANUARY 18, 2021 The year 2021 comes with high expectations, expectations to get back to the work we started pre-COVID and to build back stronger when it’s over. In addition to our continued fight against COVID, this year has to be the year of the missing middle. Despite the pandemic shifting how … Read more

Tall or small is a false choice between main streets and intensification

At its meeting Monday, the Toronto Preservation Board (TPB) voted to adopt a set of staff recommendations that seemed, to some observers as well as development industry insiders, like a classic example of bureaucratic overreach. In a series of reports tabled at the board, Heritage Planning division officials recommended that almost a thousand older commercial/main street building … Read more

Weston Road as my main street

This selection of photographs by Peter MacCallum documenting Weston Road is published in conjunction with Spacing’s new issue themed around main streets. In July, 2020, after searching in vain for new subjects to photograph in my Queen and Spadina neighbourhood, I decided to travel by TTC to a less popular part of Toronto, Weston Road north of … Read more

Slaying the NIMBY beast

BY JOHN LORINC | AUGUST 7, 2020 | It took council and city planning officials almost exactly a year to adopt a policy meant to make Toronto’s abundant, overpriced and increasingly depopulated low-rise neighbourhoods safe for so-called missing middle housing types. The narrative arc here extends from a motion last July by Mayor John Tory and housing czar Ana … Read more