The ‘supply crisis’ in Canada’s housing market isn’t backed up by the evidence

JOSH GORDON | PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 | If you follow the housing debates in Toronto and Vancouver, you’ll have undoubtedly heard the claim that the affordability challenges facing both cities are the result of supply problems. Common complaints include a lack of new housing, burdensome regulation and flawed zoning. This “supply narrative” has been … Read more

Big cities have a big problem, and the only way to fix it is to move on up

By IAN MCGUGAN | PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 | If you asked people to name Canada’s two biggest economic challenges, many would list stratospheric home prices and plodding growth. Perhaps, then, it’s time to consider an idea that takes aim at both problems. The notion is simple enough: Do away with single-family zoning restrictions in … Read more

Our messed-up housing policy is killing the Canadian dream

By KONRAD YAKABUSKI | PUBLISHED APRIL 5, 2019 | Canadian housing policy is, for the most part, a mess. Politicians talk endlessly about making housing more affordable. But most of their interventions in the housing market have had the opposite effect. At the very least, they’ve generated unintended consequences that have distorted the incentives faced … Read more