Will COVID show us how to build better housing?

By Tess Kalinowski | Toronto Star | Jan. 30, 2021 |

Vinita Persaud and Guy Labelle are part of a pandemic cohort that has traded condo living for a detached house in the suburbs with room for both to work comfortably from home.

The couple had planned to move last year. Confronted by a COVID-19 real estate market, they initially paused, but went ahead as Persaud’s shoulder began to ache for lack of a proper home office desk and their local green space became crowded with isolation-weary Torontonians pouring into High Park.

“In the pandemic (in a condo) it’s like you’re going out in the hall, you’re touching elevator buttons. It’s just constant negotiation, risk assessment every time you went out,” said Persaud.

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