Making 2021 Toronto’s year of the missing middle


The year 2021 comes with high expectations, expectations to get back to the work we started pre-COVID and to build back stronger when it’s over.

In addition to our continued fight against COVID, this year has to be the year of the missing middle. Despite the pandemic shifting how and where we live, Toronto continues to grow at a rapid pace. If we want this city to continue being a place of growth and opportunity, we have to introduce more housing stock and more housing choice. At the moment, we just don’t have many options outside of the million-dollar home or the small starter condo.

The Missing Middle is about bringing housing options in between: physically, through forms like duplexes, triplexes, or a four-storey apartment, or in between in terms of affordability. The latest update on the Beaches-East York Pilot released this week will help that missing middle vision become reality.

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