Gripe over ‘too-tall building’ highlights city’s need to spread density into the yellowbelt, planners say

By Gilbert Ngabo | Star Reporter | Nov. 9, 2018 |

An outgoing councillor seemingly trying to draw attention to a “too-tall building” instead brought focus on the city’s low density- zoned areas with critics and city planners saying the real travesty is not a 75-storey highrise in the distance but the lack of higher-density housing options in the city’s so-called yellowbelt.

Earlier this week, outgoing city councillor Janet Davis tweeted a picture of a stretch of the Danforth facing west, and expressed her displeasure with the view of a tall building about three kilometres away — the 257-metre-high mixed-use skyscraper at Bloor and Yonge Sts.

Public reaction was swift. Many on Twitter pointed out that the building, called One Bloor East, is far from Danforth and is located at a busy intersection where even taller buildings are bound to arrive. Others complained that Danforth itself has many too-short structures and should get more developments.

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